DJ Matthias Vogt

Being a DJ and house music producer since the early ninetees, Matthias Vogt played numerous clubs around the globe. 

Former Cocoonclub Resident Vogt played clubs and cities like Cielo New York, Air Tokyo, Arma 17 Moskow, Club 11 Amsterdam... he toured Australia, Japan, Spain... 

He produces for Labels like Large (Chicago), Saw Recordings (New York), Polytone (Frankfurt), Komplex de Deep (Paris)...

His productions and dj sets are full of soul and musicality. 

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Matthias Vogt Trio

In his "second life" Matthias is a trained jazz pianist. He started playing the piano at the age of six. After studying church music for three years in Mainz (C-Prüfung) he studied jazz piano in Frankfurt.

With Andreas Manns on bass and Volker Schmidt on drums he forms his Matthias Vogt Trio. This band recorded two albums on Frankfurt based Infracom label, "Changing Colours" and "Coming Up For Air". 

Matthias Vogt Trio is also nucleus of [re:jazz].

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In 2004 Matthias teamed up with Christian "C-Rock" Rindermann and formed the house production duo and dj team called Motorcitysoul. C-Rock produced Matthias first Motorcitysoul album "Did You Expect That". 

"Back Up", "Technique", "Motorcitysouled", a podcast for Resident Advisor, several singles for Labels like Simple, Freerange, Finale Sessions.... and more than 30 Remixes followed.

Motorcitysoul ended their mutual work end of 2012. Matthias now putting focus on his solo work.


Jazz versions of electronic originals - this concept made [re:jazz] unique and special.

After the self titeled debut in 2002 for Frankfurts Infracom, with special guests like Eric Truffaz, Till Brönner or Joy Denalane, the project turned into a seven piece band with musical director and arranger Matthias Vogt.

Nowadays [re:jazz] looking back to five studio albums, two remix compilations plus a live cd/dvd from their concerts in Yokohama, Japan.

Last studio album "Kaleidoscope" focusses on original compositions of [re:jazz] and contains seven pieces written or co-written by Matthias Vogt, this time produced by Jazzanova's Axel Reinemer.

Mediha (vocals), Oliver Leicht (Saxophone), Jan Stürmer (guitar), Matthias Vogt (piano, m.d.), Andreas Manns (bass), Volker Schmidt (drums), Heiko Himmighoffen (percussion).